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Discounts for Music Lovers on the International Jazz Day

The International Jazz Day is a rather young holiday. It was officially established at UNESCO conference at the end of the 2011 year. This event was for the first time held just a few years ago, in 2012. Which cannot be said about jazz as a musical direction. For millions of people, it is almost “classics”.

Discounts on the International Jazz Day

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Software Coupons Delivery on World Post Day

In 1969 at the conference of the Universal Postal Union in Tokyo they decided to celebrate the World Post Day on October 9. The purpose of the day is to remind people of the important role postal services play in everyday life. Because mails are our feelings, thoughts, joys, information, goods… whatever we wish to share with each other.

Software Coupons on World Post Day

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Get Software with Discount on Bastille Day

France and the French around the world celebrate the main national holiday on July 14, the Bastille Day (la FĂȘte nationale, le 14 juillet). More than 200 years ago Parisians who rebelled against the royal despotism took that citadel by a storm. The siege of the old fortress modernized into a prison lasted four hours. So prisoners were released and the king made concessions. It was the beginning of the great French Revolution. The fortress as a dark symbol of absolutism and suppression of civil freedom has been destroyed.

Software with discount on Bastille Day

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“Orange” Discounts on the Netherlands King’s Day

The King’s Day (Koningsdag) is a popular and favorite holiday in the Netherlands. The Dutch people are waiting for the holiday and when it comes they put on orange clothes go walking along the streets. The cities turn orange. And not because of the orange people around. Ribbons, garlands, flags, everything is in the color of the royal house of the Orange-Nassau.

Software discounts on Kings Day in Netherlands

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Save on Software as Leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day

The emerald suit is put on, clover is showing green in a buttonhole of the jacket, a big mug, where malty drink is splashing, is carried in a hand. All is ready to lively celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, one of Ireland’s main holidays.

How to save on software on St. Patrick's Day

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