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“Scary” Sale at Halloween

This year we decided to scare all evil with our global sale and good discounts for all our image software. And we have a good night for that, Halloween. Put on costumes of skeletons, witches and other fantastic monsters and characters, they are all welcome! You may not even go out on the street.

Halloween Sale

Draw pumpkins, light up Jack O’Lanterns and go ahead with your howling across our web store to select desired programs, put them to your shopping cart and enter a special coupon. The coupon burns one third of the price only this night. But, shhh! It’s a top scary secret… Continue reading

Halloween 2015 Software Discounts

Are different even spirits wearing frightful masks already knocking on your door in search of goodies? Not yet? Then you have few minutes to learn more about our offer for today’s night. Instead of candies and fancy cakes, we decided to appease the Halloween spirits by offering a good 30% discount on all the range of our products from a software catalog.

Halloween Discounts

We think this deal will strike a chord with you. Therefore, do not lose your time, choose any image converter and place an order as long as a discount is available. And then immediately take your scary suit out of a dusty closet and go ahead to celebrate a magic holiday! One may go to haunted attractions, to take a walk around corn maze or just to talk to Jack-o’-lantern about the eterne. Continue reading

Halloween Deal 2014

We’re going to celebrate Halloween holidays with a good 30% discount for all our image conversion products this year. Do you want to participate in the Halloween deal? Just visit our product page, choose a desired image converter from the list, and at the checkout say (type, actually): HALLOWEEN as a passphrase. And our virtual candies will be transformed into the real 30% off discount in the bill!

halloween deal

The special pricing of 30% off the image converters of your choice will be available for a limited-time offer. The Halloween discounts valid until Nov/01/2014. Don’t miss it! Continue reading

Happy Halloween Sale

Will you celebrate Halloween 2013? If the answer is yes, we have a small gift for you. Grab one of any our advanced image converters at a hugely discounted price between now and Halloween midnight. To access this exclusive discount just enter a secret coupon code in the box labeled “Coupon Code” in the shopping cart during the purchase process.

Halloween 2013 sale

The offer is valid until Nov/01/2013 and applies to all our image converting software. Continue reading