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Gifting “LOVE” Again on Valentine’s Day

It’s February, 14. Many people celebrate this day in different countries around the globe. Not because it’s some major public holiday. Rather in contrary.

20% discount on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a special event, designed to remind us all about important things in life. Also, we’ll be gifting “LOVE” again to our visitors during the day.

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Gifting Discounts on Valentine’s Day

Many people around the globe celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14. The holiday is quite popular among the people and very kind by its nature. It is generally accepted to gift flowers, toys, valentine cards, candies and other presents to your darlings and dear people this day.

discounts on Valentines Day

We decided to make a small gift for our users as well. We’ll be sharing “LOVE” with you. A coupon with exactly the same name gives you an opportunity to save good on any of our software today.

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Get a GIFT on Boxing Day

This year was favorable and joyful for somebody, and for someone – difficult and stern. However, the great stages of life should be ended on a positive note. And now it is time when we leave all the bad things in the past and draw our attention to a new bright future.

Boxing Day Gifts

The New Year gives us hope for the best. We also want to make a small present to all our readers. We hope, that our last sale in 2016 will please you. Especially on such a wonderful Boxing Day. Continue reading

Happy Boxing Day!

The year 2015 is coming to an end. For someone this year was hard, for someone wasn’t. Anyway, during these days we should recall past events, be pleased by our successes and achievements, make a new wish.

Gifts for Boxing Day 2015

The most important is not to overlook Santa Claus who is already sneakily putting gifts under your Christmas tree while you are having your head in the clouds. Especially as we have also hidden something near the green beauty. Continue reading