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International Day of Charity Software Giveaway

Charity, volunteering, mutual assistance — all these concepts are well known to us. Perhaps, someone is a member of a non-profit organization, is volunteering or personally helping the ones in need.

Charity Day Software Giveaway

Today we will also take part in a small charity event and give a 30% or 100% discount on our digital products.

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Save Well on International Day of Happiness

Did you know that today the whole world celebrates the International Day of Happiness? This is a great excuse to stop worrying about the little things and start enjoying the simple things in life. As they say: “if you want to be happy – just be happy!”

Save on software on Day of Happiness

We will also try to make you a little happier on this day. We believe that a 20% discount will be a good gift and will allow you to save money on any of our software. Don’t waste time, it is valid only today!

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