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Lunar New Year 2015 Deal

Happy New Year, guys and gals! “Hmm, what are you talking about?..” – this reasonable question may appear in your head. We celebrated it more than a month ago. That’s right! But today we’re celebrating Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year, Spring Festival or Eastern New Year) which is based and calculated on the moon cycle.

Spring Festival deals

This holiday is very popular in China, Korea, Japan and all over East and Central Asia. Moreover, millions of people in Europe, US, Canada and many other places are going to celebrate it with families or friends. We here at Easy2Convert Software want to wish you wealth, happiness and longevity this holiday. Continue reading

Easy2Convert’s 2015 Discounts Schedule

We decided to reveal “the secret list” of this year’s special offers with dates, coupon codes and other valuable information for any frugal shopper. That’s right, enjoy great offers from Easy2Convert during all year, save big in discounts days from the calendar. Be the first to know the Easy2Convert’s sale schedule and receive it first on-line.


There are plenty of huge discounts and amazing deals on software for photographers, artist, designers. We’re revealing ours in the schedule dated Jan.1 – Dec.31, 2015 with up to 60% off on Eazy2Convert software. Continue reading

Halloween Deal 2014

We’re going to celebrate Halloween holidays with a good 30% discount for all our image conversion products this year. Do you want to participate in the Halloween deal? Just visit our product page, choose a desired image converter from the list, and at the checkout say (type, actually): HALLOWEEN as a passphrase. And our virtual candies will be transformed into the real 30% off discount in the bill!

halloween deal

The special pricing of 30% off the image converters of your choice will be available for a limited-time offer. The Halloween discounts valid until Nov/01/2014. Don’t miss it! Continue reading

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales! 50% Off!

The day of huge discounts and advantageous offers has been started. We decided to combine Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals into a single cumulative offer and one coupon code which gives you exclusive 50% off discount for any software product we have in the store.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupons

Don’t miss the chance to get an advanced image converter you need for home or for work. The offer is valid until Dec/02/2013. Continue reading

Father’s Day Deal: 20% Discounts For Any Image Converters

Many countries around the globe will be celebrating Father’s Day in few days. The exact date in this 2013 year is on Sunday, the 16th of June. This day we celebrate fatherhood, parental bonds, honoring our great fathers, the contribution that they make for their children’s lives.

Father's Day Deal

Have you already prepared Father’s Day gifts for your dads? No? Well, we have one original gift idea in addition to traditional greeting cards. Continue reading