Software Coupons Delivery on World Post Day

In 1969 at the conference of the Universal Postal Union in Tokyo they decided to celebrate the World Post Day on October 9. The purpose of the day is to remind people of the important role postal services play in everyday life. Because mails are our feelings, thoughts, joys, information, goods… whatever we wish to share with each other.

Software Coupons on World Post Day

We are also going to celebrate the World Post Day and provide discount coupons and send software to any visitors of our site.

The information age changes many concepts. Today, the postal services for us are a set of bytes streaming over fiber optics from one continent to another. Recently, many people though about the post services as they are just postmen throwing a paper envelope into an iron mailbox near your house.

However, mails are not only personal correspondence, but it is also the delivery of cargo, goods and products. The Universal Postal Union includes members of 200 countries of the World. International mails speak many languages and the length of postal communications is the longest network for the physical delivery of “peer-to-peer” correspondence.

During the celebration many countries host exhibitions of rare post stamps and postcards, thematic conferences and workshops, sports and entertainment events.

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