How to Make a Simple Color Frame for a Picture

Easy2Convert programs aren’t just graphic converters. These are applications with a lot of additional useful functionality. For example, the “Frame” tool to create solid color frames.

Simple color frame

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a simple colored frame around your images. And you’ll be amazed how fast and easy it is with our software.

So we have a BMP file that needs to be saved in a JPG format. We need to make a colored frame around our picture. To do this, we’ll use the free BMP to JPG converter.

Butterfly and flowers

1. Run the program, add a picture (menu: “File”“Add Input File…” or you can just drag&drop the graphic file directly to the program window)

Add a picture

2. Go to the program settings (menu: “Converter”“Preferences…”)

Go to the preferences

3. Select the “Frame” tool (“Frame”“Solid Color”)

Go to the frame tool settings

4. Set an equal margin of 20 pixels for the frame sides (“Left”, “Right”, “Top”, “Bottom”)

Set the frame margins

5. Set the same color (#A00E00) for each side of the frame (“Left Color”, “Right Color”, “Top Color”, “Bottom Color”)

Set the frame colors

6. Click “OK” to close the program settings

Close the frame settings

7. Click “Convert” to start the process

Convert picture and add frames to it

That’s it! Our BMP image was converted to JPG format and a colored frame was added to it.

Butterfly and flowers with frames

If you prefer to work via cmd.exe, the command-line parameters to add frames to a picture would be like this:

bmp2jpg.exe --input=c:\images\butterfly-and-flowers.bmp --fr-solid-left=20 --fr-solid-right=20 --fr-solid-top=20 --fr-solid-bottom=20 --fr-solid-left-color=a00e00 --fr-solid-right-color=a00e00 --fr-solid-top-color=a00e00 --fr-solid-bottom-color=a00e00

If you have a picture in a different graphics format, you can search for a suitable program from dozens of file converters here. And the task of quickly adding frames to multiple files at the same time can be solved with our advanced image applications PRO/IMAGE.

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