International Day of Charity Software Giveaway

Charity, volunteering, mutual assistance — all these concepts are well known to us. Perhaps, someone is a member of a non-profit organization, is volunteering or personally helping the ones in need.

Charity Day Software Giveaway

Today we will also take part in a small charity event and give a 30% or 100% discount on our digital products.

It’s interesting how the International Day of Charity appeared on the official UN calendar quite recently, in September 2013. Although the spirit of mutual support has been existing among people for centuries and millenniums.

And, to match the holiday spirit, we’ve decided to do 2-in-1 sales today. We give a 30% discount on the entire list of software products from our online catalogue. And we’re giving away 3 popular image converters (BMP to JPG PRO, ICO to JPG PRO and PSD to PNG PRO) for free.

How to get Easy2Convert PSD to PNG PRO software for free with coupon CHARITY100

Select a program, fill in the information required for delivery in the cart and use coupon CHARITY for a 30% discount (on any of our software) or CHARITY100 for BMP to JPG PRO, ICO to JPG PRO and PSD to PNG PRO to get them for free (100% discount will be applied).

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