Australia Day Sales

Today the residents of Australia celebrate their national holiday. The event related to Australia Day occurred more than two centuries ago. On January 26, 1788 the First Fleet arrived to Sydney Cove, after which the British sovereignty over the eastern coast of the continent known as New Holland was proclaimed. The first colony mentioned New South Wales on the green continent was founded. Actually, it became the beginning of a development of Australia by Europeans.

Australian Flag

This day Australians of a year are rewarded, the prime minister delivers a speech. Water is hosting numerous regattas. In the cities in the whole country people hold parades, light shows, festivals, and concerts. In the night they shoot off magnificent fireworks. We offer all the visitors of Easy2Convert’s blog to celebrate this holiday and give good discounts on our software products in honour of this event.

To participate in our first sale this year, one needs to follow several simple steps:

  1. Select a liked image converter from our catalogue.
  2. Click on “Buy” link in the software product page, and pass to the order page.
  3. Enter your data in the order page for a purchase and do not forget to indicate AUSSIE coupon in a corresponding field. This will give you a 30% discount.
  4. Complete your purchase, that is it!

And do not forget to follow new proposals from Easy2Convert Software. This year is going to be rich in them.

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    1. Janine

      Nicole, I would never throw rocks at you, lol! There are so many shows I’ve never heard of and when someone mentions them, I’m like “where have I been?” Carnival was on so quick and then off just as fast, that unfortunately not many people got to watch it. And my son who is 22 didn’t like “Buffy” so I think it was more for the teen in me than anything else.

  1. Lakeesha Mcafee

    Hi there! I am so grateful that I found your blog. I really admire the dedication you put into offering the information for free. Wish you more success, all the best!


    Finder’s annual True Blue Sale will run for 48 hours over Australia day and give exclusive deals on solely Australian brands. What are you waiting for??

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