Save Well on International Day of Happiness

Did you know that today the whole world celebrates the International Day of Happiness? This is a great excuse to stop worrying about the little things and start enjoying the simple things in life. As they say: “if you want to be happy – just be happy!”

Save on software on Day of Happiness

We will also try to make you a little happier on this day. We believe that a 20% discount will be a good gift and will allow you to save money on any of our software. Don’t waste time, it is valid only today!

Directors say that the economic development of the countries should be balanced and equal. And to achieve a global state of happiness for people, countries need to increase economic growth, reduce poverty, develop environmental and social programs…

These are all probably the right words. But we don’t look that far. We just decided to give a 20% discount to all visitors of our site. And if someone is happy with this software offer, then we will consider that for today the task of “making people a little happier” we have completed.

Well, to get this discount is very easy: go to the store, select the apps (for example, for converting JPG-HDR, PNG-PSD, TGA-DDS or any other available), specify all the necessary data at the order’s page and enter HAPPY as a code word. It will change the cost of the apps in your shopping cart in a smaller way.

That’s how easy it is to save money! Be happy!

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