Discounts for Music Lovers on the International Jazz Day

The International Jazz Day is a rather young holiday. It was officially established at UNESCO conference at the end of the 2011 year. This event was for the first time held just a few years ago, in 2012. Which cannot be said about jazz as a musical direction. For millions of people, it is almost “classics”.

Discounts on the International Jazz Day

We have decided to give a good discount for the entire range of our software products to all admirers of this unique musical style this day.

Jazz emerged in the late 19th century in the United States, as the synergy of European and African music. A unique fusion of different musical cultures, which aims to unite people from different countries. Because jazz talks with people in the language of freedom. Numerous live performances of jazz bands and concerts of musicians are carried out on this day. The jazz legends share their experience with the younger generation at the workshops.

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