Yet Another Cyber Monday Sale

In our opinion, Monday should not be boring and dull. Especially if it’s Cyber Monday! Yes, incredible Black Friday sale is over, but we still have a lot of coupon codes in the bins. So we continue to hand out image software with good discounts. But only today.

Cyber Monday Sale

You will agree that Cyber Monday is an excellent “second chance” to buy something that was not bought in Friday’s sale. Passions subsided a little, the purse is full of clinking coins again, the winter’s tale is outside the window… Most importantly, it is not necessary to go anywhere, to stand in long queues. Our online store is open 24 hours a day for delivering software into the hands of thrifty shoppers. Continue reading

Incredible Software Discounts on Black Friday

So long-awaited season of Christmas sales and incredible discounts is finally opened. Following the good tradition we temporarily rewrite the price tags for the whole range of our image software on Black Friday. However, do not meditate for too long, the “wallets fiesta” will last only a few days. The greatest discounts this year will only be available till the end of the week.

software discounts on Black Friday

As always, all is very simple. A special code which you must enter when ordering software will cut off a large piece of price in the amount of 60% and will put it back into your wallet making your purchase a super-bargain in these few days. Continue reading

“Scary” Sale at Halloween

This year we decided to scare all evil with our global sale and good discounts for all our image software. And we have a good night for that, Halloween. Put on costumes of skeletons, witches and other fantastic monsters and characters, they are all welcome! You may not even go out on the street.

Halloween Sale

Draw pumpkins, light up Jack O’Lanterns and go ahead with your howling across our web store to select desired programs, put them to your shopping cart and enter a special coupon. The coupon burns one third of the price only this night. But, shhh! It’s a top scary secret… Continue reading

A Single Discount on All Software on German Unity Day

On October 3rd all Germans celebrate the major federal holiday of the country – German Unity Day (Tag der Deutschen Einheit). This national holiday of Germany was changing dates during history. These were June 17 and November 9, but the official date was set on October 3, as the Day of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic unity. Although, actually, reunification of the western and the eastern parts of Germany occurred a year earlier, during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

German Unity Day

This day to all the visitors of Easy2Convert blog we provide a single discount on all the spectrum of our image software products. The codeword activates a special price for any software in our store. Continue reading

Software Discounts in Italian Republic Day

Italians celebrate Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica) on June 2 every year. It is one of the grand holidays in Italy, the National Birthday. For Italians it is of the same importance as the Bastille Day in France or Independence Day in the United States. That day back in 1946 there was held a constitutional referendum and Italian citizens abandoned monarchy in favor of a republican system of government.

Discounts in Italian Republic Day

Today, all visitors of our blog (not only Italians 😉 ) can take advantage of the holiday 30% discount on the entire range of our software products. To do that, you need to know the code word of 5 characters. Continue reading